Jun 04, 2008

I really don’t know much about this band other than I have purchased a few of their releases for a friend in Finland. I never did listen to them before I mailed them off. So for quick research, I saw on the Ebullition Records site that the singer Jack runs Mind Control Records, bassist Kelly is from Detestation, guitarist Todd is from His Hero is Gone, and Chris the drummer is from Meadowlark. I do have records by Detestation and His Hero is Gone. I don’t think I have anything that’s on Mind Control, and I’ve never heard of Meadowlark. During my first listen of this band, I feel like there are equal parts of HHIG and Detestation that are brought over to make you feel like you are experiencing the apocalypse. The guitars are over-driven and dark and the bass has a distorted edge while remaining bottom heavy. Add elements of the Scandinavian D-Beat sound and some metal riffing to the mix and that is what I hear. The vocals are delivered with a fierce growl that is slightly behind the mix. The drums bang in a way that makes the music seem like a full-throttle blast of energy firing towards your ear. To get me interested in any new band, I have to actually feel the music to even pay attention. When songs seem like they are played without passion, I lose interest real quick. The band plays with an intensity that backs up the lyrics with a vengeance. I paid close attention to this one. Now here is another band to put on the shopping list. 

 –don (Hardcore Holocaust)