Seventeen Television Stories: By Justin Maurer By Steve Hart

May 17, 2013

Fuck, Justin Maurer is a great writer. The brutal characters in his mostly-true (?) stories penetrate my imagination with rich imagery and color. When he describes a dog piss-laden floor, I know that fetid, ammonia smell. A Hollywood sidewalk with its myriad of idiots and thieves oozes alcohol-infused urine that bakes in the sun. Stories of oxycodone addicts and hairdressing would-be rapists are juxtaposed with a fun and beautiful morning waking up in the Italian countryside while on tour. This is a small book, with seven short stories. I wish it was larger, with about one hundred short stories. I will gladly read anything else Justin writes and will look for his previous book as well. Seriously great writing. –Steve Hart (Volume 1, Brooklyn, 36 Plaza St. E Apt. 6A., Brooklyn NY, 11238)

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