SEVEN INCHES TO FREEDOM FANZINE #10: $3 U.S., $6.50 elsewhere, 5½”

May 08, 2013

Seven Inches To Freedom (SITF) is the awesome zine out of Florida primarily written, edited, and printed by Joe Lachut. I discovered this zine through Joe’s guest column in Self Aware #9, which I reviewed in issue #72. The zine features contributions from Bob Suren, Krystina Krysiak (Curmudgeon vocalist), Bill Chamberlain, John Fahy (MRR columnist), and others. This issue focuses on records, those slabs of vinyl goodness we all know and love. From reviews to stories by contributors of their first records, this issue is a loving tribute to all things spinning at 45 or 33⅓ RPM. The zine is well-laid out, with a two-color cover and red instead of black ink inside, making it unique and easy to read, with a simultaneously classy and DIY feel. Joe discusses some of the creative decisions for the issue in his column. All of the articles, columns, and reviews are excellent, but of particular note was Bob Suren’s column. Bob’s column tells of his dream in younger days to own every punk vinyl ever and his visit to Maximum Rock’n’roll Headquarters in the ‘90s. Maximum HQ houses the largest punk vinyl collection anywhere in the world. If a claim could be staked to having every punk record ever, it is certainly MRR’s by right. Bob describes meeting MRR founder Tim Yohannan and seeing the sheer size of the MRR collection as a life-changing experience. The “Library of Congress of Punk” is how Bob describes the MRR archive. This story leads him to a great point, which I think should be the moral followed by every record collector: “Record collecting isn’t a contest. You should just get things you like. Who cares if a record is rare if it doesn’t rock?” Amen to that. –Paul J. Comeau (SITF Zine/Joe Lachut, PO Box 457, Ft. Myers, FL 33902, [email protected])

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