SEVEN INCHES TO FREEDOM #13: $3.50, 5½” x 8½”, offset, 36 pgs

Apr 28, 2016

SITF writer Joe Lachut puts it best in his preamble: “Punk zines kind of exist in a vacuum to me and act as a time capsule. The interviews are a bit old, but the time lapse doesn’t hurt them any.” At the older end of things are Lachut’s interview with the ‘90s hardcore group, Halfman, and a refreshingly anecdotal section on “The Best Hardcore Bands You’ve Forgotten About.” My favorite pieces in SITF were about the culture around the music. There’s a fun interview with Adam P. of Viper Video, a VHS distro out of L.A. that sells recordings of recent punk shows, video zines, and miscellaneous wild shit. In our digital age of Bluetooth rays shootin’ through our gunk at all hours of the day and night, I welcome Joe’s celebration of the unexpected, to me, corners of DIY news, especially his conversation with one of Cleveland’s finest, Emmy, author the fantastic Cretins of Distortion zine. (My pick for the gem of SITF #13.) In it, Emmy gives the lowdown on the loss of the Staple’s copy code—a memo went out to employees, “THERE HAS BEEN A SECURITY BREACH AND ALL COPIERS [sic] PASSWORDS MUST BE CHANGED!”—praises the Midwest, and unrolls the gospel zine truth: “paying full price for copies is the real crime and no zine maker should ever do it!” Issue #13 is dedicated to the late Travis Fristoe, wonderful author of the zine, America? and creator of much else. “Times are ugly, confused, and hectic,” Joe muses, and while that’s true, one crawls away from Seven Inches to Freedom feeling revitalized. (Joe Lachut, PO Box 457, Ft.Meyers, Fl, 33902)