SEVEN INCHES TO FREEDOM #11: $3, 8 ½” x 11”, printed, 24 pgs.

Jun 13, 2014

Do you know what dedication looks like? Joe Lachut ofSITF doesn’t because he’s been so far up its ass for the last decade (at least?) that he’s camped out in mile forty-seven of its small intestine. I don’t say this because this zine is incredibly prolific, dense, or absolutely goddamn serious: in fact, Joe apologizes that he’s de-prioritized the zine for his other projects, hence it being so slim compared to old issues. I say that because he can have forty more important things on his plate and he still puts out a fantastic-looking, thoughtful, and worthwhile effort into the world with this issue. Band interviews with Shoxx (Says something, e.g. “I’m a family man. To many, that’s extremely fucked up and outside the box.”) and Ex-Breathers (More run of the mill), music reviews, and columns. Best parallel is Joe taking a firm look at Church Whip’s “Raping the East Coast Tour” controversy and not taking an easy out, even if it means ending up more inconclusive than anything (that’s brave in writing), and then interviewing Mykel Board about his dismissal from MRR—definitely the most passionate and insightful thing Joe did in here. Highly recommended, forever and always. –Dave Brainwreck (Joe Lachut, PO Box 457, Ft. Myers, FL33902, [email protected])