SETTING SON, THE: Spring of Hate: CD

Jun 08, 2009

The first two songs on this album did not really grab me. The album got better on the third song, “Soulmate,” which is a catchy song with the heavy psych-pop sound that is indicative of what is coming out of Denmark pretty regularly. Then song four and five were also very good and I decided I was listening to the album wrong, so I started over. I still didn’t like the first two that much. Then I listened from track five on down to the end and the album held up its quality, so I tried songs one and two again. I was still not moved. The Setting Son play on the pop side of psychedelic music that is prevalent among retro psych bands right now, and they do it well, mixing their catchier Love-style riffs with bass heavy breaks over jangly, Byrds-style guitar playing. They also turn up the bass, which is key to me with this type of music. The recording is lo-fi; that is always a plus with me. This album is well worthwhile for fans of pop-psych, so hang in if the first two songs don’t do it for you.

 –Billups Allen (Bad Afro)

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