May 08, 2013

Sin Orden: One of the sad realities of the whitewashed nature of punk’s history is that a band that’s had as profound an impact on the genre as Los Crudos has will likely never get a third of the recognition they deserve. Sure, there was never a shortage of bands singing in Spanish or becoming involved in community activism and politics, but so many bands across the nation, the continent, and the planet can trace their primary influence right to the feet of Martin and his cohorts. That influence drips off of Sin Orden’s three tracks here, from their approach, to their attack, to even the singer’s vocal tones. I say this not to take away anything from the band under discussion, because they more than handily put their own personal stamp on their music, but merely to note its presence in the hot-shit tunes they offer here. Setiembreonce: Starts off with a sliver of metal riffage, then lets fly with four short blasts of high-velocity thrash that keep the metal flaked in here and there and whiz by before you’ve had the chance to take it in. In all, good split here.

 –jimmy (Not Normal,