SETE STAR SEPT: Visceral Tavern: LP

Nov 13, 2013

2013 has been quite a busy year for Japanese noise/grind duo Sete Star Sept with Visceral Tavern being one of over a dozen releases spread over several different labels and formats. Although I only have one other record of theirs (the 10” split with Noise) to go by, it sounds like these songs are much more structured—as opposed to whirlwinds of noise—though still ripe with wild bursts of noise and vocalist Kae’s patented grunting/screaming one-two punch. I’m going to stand by my assessment of an early Anal Cunt influence but follow it up with the hypothesis that they’re also quite fond of fellow countryman the Gerogerigegege’s work. For the unsuspecting, that means this shit is devoid of melody, groove, or any sort of tempo of which you can keep something as constricting as a time signature. To really drive the point across, side two is one long track of free-form blast beats and deep-fryer immersed bass guitar burl with Kae laughing all the while. The cover art depicting a macabre scene of numerous zombies feasting on an entrails-and-limbs buffet of dead young women is further warning: you’d do best to stay away from this record if you expect to see or hear anything pleasant.

 –Juan Espinosa (SPHC,