Sep 19, 2013

Sept Star Sept belt out some highly indiscernible grinding noise with a simple but effective use of an out of tune bass guitar, drums being bashed to pieces, and inhuman/blood-gurgling screams almost to the point of ridiculousness. You really have to have a soft spot for bands like (early) Anal Cunt, Meat Shits, and Cacofonia to be able to indulge in what otherwise is quite simply non-music to most ears. As for me, I fucking love this shit! Chaos In Tejas flew these maniacs in from Tokyo a few years ago and now I see why. Noise from Brazil’s side was recorded live in 1993 and follows nearly the same suit as Sete Star Sept in both style and approach. Granted, Noise is obviously a forerunner in the genre by nearly two decades. Unfortunately, their recordings are so very, very raw and primal sounding that it distracts too much from what otherwise sounds like what would be some awesome, grinding noise-core songs. Were it not for the deterring factor of the sound quality on Noise’s side, I would say that you’ve got quite a pairing worthy of your cash here. However, if you’re into this sort of nonsense, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth with Sete Star Sept’s contributions.

 –Juan Espinosa (SPHC, no address)