SEROTONIN: Universal Time Constant: CD

Aug 10, 2009

I commend the energy of Serotonin captured on this CD. Their kinetic drumming and hard strumming are struggling out from underneath a net of mushing sounds recorded here. The problem is that every song on Universal Time Constant is that it is like the content of ten songs put into a pot and slow cooked until they fit into the measure of one. Their push and pull between hard-driving, post-hardcore spazz and quiet deconstructed art rock is so changing and unrepetitive it is migraine inducing. Some might call it dynamic, but I found myself screaming for a road map back to the hook of the song. The problem of the clean, jangly breakdown is that if it is overused, it will be the death of your music. The rocking parts of this outfit are there but they are lost when they refuse to throw down their fucked up time signatures and overwritten parts. –Nathan Grumdahl

 –guest (Bifocal Media)