SERIOUS GENIUSES, THE: You Can Steal the Riffs, But You Can’t Steal the Talent: CD

Dec 23, 2008

For me, the reason for reviewing handfuls of bands that I’ve never heard of or listened to before doesn’t simply lie in creating a dialogue about underground music, but in the search to uncover new material that should warrant attention that it wouldn’t necessarily normally receive. After about a dozen samples, I’ve finally found my first band of this kind. Playing agile power pop/pop punk that’s got a little bit of a mid-’90s indie rock vibe to it, the Geniuses pull out some seriously fantastic guitar intros that sound buoyant and fresh, evoking a nostalgia for something I can’t place right now. Most of the songs tend to be crowded with gang vocals at the end, which can get a little repetitive track after track, but would probably work to fine effect in getting crowds riled up at a show. My only real gripe is the vocals that resemble a more nasal and high-pitched version of The Loved Ones’ Dave Hause’s singing. Make the vocals a bit more sparse and lower-pitched and let the sound on this awesome album run the show. 

 –Reyan (Kiss Of Death)