SERAPHIM: The Light in the Distance: LP

Sep 23, 2011

I’d heard a bunch of buzz about this band, but I’m always so slow to check out anything that mentions a Neurosis or Isis influence. I don’t even know why. I love those two bands, but it just seemed like for a few years there, every hardcore buzz band was name-dropping Neurosis like they could ever hope of beginning to deliver upon that massive promise, and the whole thing became a real snorefest for me. That said, when A389 has something to say, I’m quick to listen, and I’m glad I did in this case. Sure, Seraphim play slow, heavy-as-shit, dark hardcore, but that’s about where the Neur/Isis parallels stop for me. The Light in the Distance is a musician’s tour de force, running the dynamic gamut from whisper to scream, from the heaviest lows to the most melodious highs. Fans of the aforementioned heavyweights should certainly take note, but I assure you, Seraphim’s appeal reaches much further than that sometimes limited niche. Highly recommended.

 –Dave William (A389)