SELVFORAKT: Outra Dia, Outra Caça: EP

Sep 06, 2012

Excellent metallic crust core from this trio. Mix up Misery and Anti-Cimex with Disarm and you’ll get Selvforakt. Tons of chugging low end with a heavy guitar sound. The vocalist is excellent, delivering the words with a throaty sound. The songs are mainly mid-tempo for a more lethal effect and allow you to really get in and absorb the songs to the fullest. I absolutely love the bass sound on this recording. It’s heavy, sinister, and all-around nasty sounding. My favorite of the four skull crushers on here is definitely “Politicos de Merda,” which is equally heavy and catchy. The bass is simple and repetitive and effective as hell. Check out that break, where it’s just the bass idling for a moment, with some Discharge style guitar work coming over the top. Can not stop listening to this! More! More! More!

 –M.Avrg (Terrotten, [email protected])

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