Nov 30, 2010

Had some pretty high hopes for this tape. I think pretty highly of both bands here. Selfish have always been a devastating band, and early Forca Macabra is undeniably great in the fast and raw hardcore department. However, the recordings on this tape seem to have sucked the oxygen out of the room. Material from both bands is from live sets: Selfish on November 11, 2002, and Forca Macabra from November 2003. I didn’t think it was possible for Selfish to sound flat and dull. This tape does just that. Forca Macabra fair a little bit better. The sound is slightly fuller, but still flat and kind of just there. Ehhhh... If you’re lucky enough to see these bands live, awesome. I envy you. For now, I’ll just stick to the studio recordings and pass this tape on.

 –M.Avrg (Not Very Nice, [email protected])