SELF-EVIDENT: We Built a Fortress on Short Notice: CD

It’s amazing when a band is around in the independent rock scene for fifteen years, touring, and putting out records—and I have never heard of them. But that’s the case of Self-Evident. It’s especially amazing when I am familiar with some of the band’s peers. Self-Evident has toured with Chicago’s Bear Claw, a band whose album Slow Speed Deep Owls I reviewed a long time ago for Razorcake. While there are similarities between the two bands, Self-Evident has the ability to pull back and play some indie rock influence with occasional build ups and bursts, something which I have always appreciated, as it seems a very base expression of emotion. The band also seems to know how to lay the delicate lines when necessary as well as lock into a nice groove on some tracks. The attack on the songs is occasionally there, but the band also is familiar with melodies and uses them effectively to give the listener a wide range of emotion through the music. The ten songs flow very well, and clocking in at thirty-six minutes, it seems just the right length. If you’re a fan of Shellac, Bear Claw, or melodic math rock, We Built a Fortress on Short Notice comes highly recommended.

 –kurt (doubleplusgood)