SELF-EVIDENT: The Traveler: CD

This latest full-length from Minneapolis’s Self-Evident is eight songs that stretch from 2004 to 2015. There are two new songs, four recorded from 2004 to 2009, and two covers (Bear Claw and Traindodge, both bands that have played with Self-Evident). I can understand wanting to record songs by friends, but it would’ve been interesting to hear Self-Evident try out songs by bands more different than them. I don’t know what other artists Self-Evident is into, but taking a hardcore or punk song and playing it in their own style would’ve been pretty great. The four older songs I could take or leave. There is still the same melodic math rock sound, but nothing about them strikes me as urgent and inspiring as the material from Self-Evident’s last album, We Built a Fortress on Short Notice. By contrast, the new songs, “A New Way” and “House” display the range the band is capable of. There’s some edgy aggression and more introspective, somber tones. While I can only really recommend this for fans of the band, it does make me excited to hear what they’ll be coming up with next.

 –kurt (Doubleplusgood)