SELF DEFENSE: Shooting Punk Terror: 7”

Sep 09, 2002

Packaging can make or break an unknown band in regards to impulse purchase. This band sold me by the effort put in by its label. It’s a nice silk screened cover with a silk screened band that wraps it. It’s on yellow with white swirled colored vinyl and has a large glossy insert. In this case though, I was influenced by the package and a good reference from a friend. Musically, as I see the trend, punk bands are slowing it down a tiny notch and playing more of an ‘80s style of hardcore, this band included. The first band that popped into my head was the Nihilistics and adding their own touch of fury. Raw, fast, and agitated punk that makes you grit your teeth while you go along for the ride.

 –don (Uncle Slam)