SELF AWARE #9: $1, 8½” x 5½”

Jan 15, 2013

A very well put together zine published by the record label of the same name. This issue features interviews with Title Fight, Ninja Gun, No Power, and Nailbiter. In addition to interviews, the issue features a guest column by Joe Lachut of Seven Inches to Freedom zine, show reports from Chaos in Tejas and Fest 10, a scene report from Wilmington, NC, and nearly two dozen record reviews. The layout has a retro cut and paste feel at times, and a modern computer designed vibe at others. It’s a good balance, and is both easy to read and features some of the most crisp black and white photos and images I’ve seen in any zine. A few of the interviews were on the short side, and I would have appreciated a bit more depth, but, overall, they were pretty well done. My favorite part of this issue is Joe Lachut’s guest column. Lachut’s discussion of bands breaking up and others who drag out their careers long after they’ve ceased doing anything relevant is particularly relevant in 2012/2013 with both the sheer amount of reunions taking place and the number of washed up bands attempting to recapture past glories. “Pull the plug when life ceases to matter,” Lachut writes. Amen to that. I’m definitely checking out Lachut’s own zine as soon as possible, and after reading this issue I’m definitely stoked to read the next issue of Self Aware. It’s a great zine in a small package, and well worth checking out. –Paul J. Comeau (Self Aware, [email protected])