SEITAN: D Beat Hippie Lovers: CD

Nov 11, 2008

Seitan dole out some Swedish D-beat, crust punk. I’m guessing it’s about being anti-fascist, animal-friendly, pro-feminist, and gay-positive, since that what it says on the back cover. All the lyrics are in Swedish though, and even if they weren’t, they’re pretty much indecipherable, so it very well could be that this is a fascist band with satirical cover art who are really singing about the awesomeness of Machiavelli. I have two complaints with this album. The first is just related to D-beat in general, which is that a lot of these bands don’t seem to have a grasp on the importance of dynamics. There’s not a lot going on musically in most D-beat, so the drama in the music needs to be drawn out with contrasts. The ultra fast drums lose a lot of their power after a while, especially over multiple songs. If Discharge-inspired bands all just released a single each and then broke up, I think it would be some of the most awesome music ever, but, except for bands that take some chances with the basic sound like Acursed, it tends to become a boring blur after awhile. The other thing I don’t like on here is the vocals. There are two vocalists, from what I can tell. The one who shows up less has an awesome getting-stabbed-while-selling-your-soul-to-the-devil voice, but the other one has that low-flushing-toilet death metal growl, which I find pretty boring. I’m not a fan of good voices, so much as interesting voices, and the Cookie Monster growl is pretty low on the ladder for me after the novelty of first hearing Cannibal Corpse wore off.

 –Adrian (Inget Jävla Chafs, Distributed in North America by Profane Existence)

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