SEED: (If I Can Catch a) Baby Rainbow: 7" EP

Jul 28, 2009

...on first blush, the title track appeared to be virtually musically identical to "Here Comes a Regular," the essentially-acoustic ballad that ends the Replacements Tim album, but, with the onset of the ill-pitched vocals, i realized i was errantly playing the record on the wrong speed – which isn't the punch line, the punch line is that i was actually playing it TOO FAST. To keep the ghost of Tim Yohannan off my ass, i will refrain from further coverage of the song in question; i mean, this is the sort of thing that makes Oasis sound like they're hung like John Holmes. The handwritten letter which accompanied this record on its transatlantic zig-zag from England to my turntable conceded that the title track is "a bit mellow," but that the EP had a "double A" side (oh, well, in THAT case i guess everything's all right!), and that if i/we played "Ammonia," i/we would "see" where they were "coming from." So, i dunno. I guess they come from Ammonia, England. All i heard of note in "Ammonia" was a DK-style bass riff (the English have some peculiar obsession with the Dead Kennedys, apparently America's Only Punk Band, Ever) played a la grunge, so, by and large, i'd give the A-side an F and the AA-side a C-minus or something; what's completely unexpected though is that what i guess would be the BB-side (Side 2, Song 2) – "Here It Comes" – rates a solid B, kind of like a dirtier-sounding Flop minus the pop genius bits, and the B-side (which is actually on the A-side – don't look at me, i didn't tell them to drive on that side of the road), "Girlfriend," is actually an A-minus! It's some kinda benign collision involving Brit-pop, Alt-rock, and Punky-Pop that actually makes one muse on whether or not this band is stockpiled with a vast array of Songs That Don't Suck and just stuck crap on their alleged "A" and "AA" sides because they were confused about their sexuality, or if the band actually DOES suck, and just got lucky with the "B" and "BB" sides. I played "Girlfriend" four or five times in a row and came up with no definite answers, not even whether or not the record's dirty-ish sound was a result of punky disdain for fidelity or merely the shortcomings of the 7" 33 format... but with a name like "Seed," one might be well advised to err on the side of caution. WORST SONG TITLE: "(If I Can Catch A) Baby Rainbow" BEST SONG: "Girlfriend" FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Letter enclosed with record proudly states "Limited edition – 200 violet vinyl. That's HEAVY violet vinyl!" The scale at the post office says the vinyl alone does, in fact, weigh a full three ounces – that's more than twice as heavy as most leading brands!

 –norb (Rabbit In The Rain)

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