Mar 17, 2015

Everything I’ve heard from these guys so far has been pretty good. Live? Whoa! You must see them live! I made the trek down to Anaheim last year to catch them, and it was well worth the drive. They more than delivered on my expectations. From the very first song to the very last, they owned the room. All the touring they’ve done has turned them into a force to be reckoned with. Musically, they’re a mix of mid to quick tempos with solid musicianship that holds it all together. The drums thrash and bash, though never really letting things tip over into a mess of noise. The guitar buzzes with an abrasive, blistering roughness, the bass stomps and punches underneath, and the vocals are delivered in half-spoken, half-shouted urgency. The songs are focused and direct in their execution. They’ll race at a fast gait then hit these choruses that relentlessly bash you over the head. Check out “Necekei” for a good example. The title track brings in a mix of textures—from the distorted guitar opening to the tuneful leads that dominate and work their way into your memory—as well as allowing the song to run a bit longer than the rest, not to mention the grindcore style vocal that closes the song out. The lyrics are extremely well written. They look at the human condition in the present day, shaped by evasive technology, the seeming impossibility of a better life than what is foisted upon us, and more. 

 –M.Avrg (SPHC)

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