Jan 19, 2016

These six songs seem to pick up where this Omaha four piece left off with their self-titled full length. It’s a nice mixture of a number of styles, including shoegazer, power pop, and indie rock. (And is that some Silver Scooter influence I hear?) The fact that the Dresses have two vocalists (Sara Bertuldo and Mathew Carroll) adds another layer of possibilities to the band, which hits hardest when they tap into their emotional depths. The contrast in the last two songs is a perfect example. The fifth track, an introspective and sad tune “End of Days,” would seem to be the perfect closer, but then the band follows it with the last song “Drag Scene,” which leaves a little bit of hope with its poppy hooks (although it does seem tinged with a layer of introspection beneath the surface). It makes for a great one-two punch, giving me goosebumps—worth purchasing the album.

 –Kurt Morris (Tiny Engines,

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