SECULAR PLAGUE: Vivisection: 7”

This is a punk band from France that sounds like Rudimentary Peni. Now, if you’re like me (meaning you have good taste), you just read that last sentence and have already decided to buy this record because, you know, French punk bands are generally great and… well, Rudimentary fucking’ Peni. However, they somehow totally fuck this up for everyone. Every song on this record is about animal cruelty (I think). I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with that, but it just feels like this has been done to death and they don’t really offer anything new to the idea or the aesthetic. Honestly, my issue with this record that it just sounds totally phoned in. The vocals are totally lacking any urgency and, musically, it’s just a few mid-tempo anarcho stompers that all sound exactly the same. 

 –Ian Wise (Fleshmen)