SECTOR ZERO: “Guitar Attack” b/w “Hiding in My Car”: 45

May 08, 2013

The a-side is a bombastic three-chord excoriation ((albeit not the three chords of which you’re initially thinking)) that lies somewhere on the pastrami-splattered pavement between the Urinals and the Mad. The b-side starts out as sort of a generic Goner blues-punky thing, but swiftly disengages the kill switch ((paradoxically, to kill better)) and lurches into a brain-sandingly furious chorus. I AM ROUSED FROM MY TORPOR, AND AM OFF TO KILL MY FAMILY. You could be too! BEST SONG: “Hiding in My Car.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Guitar Attack.” I admit i might have this backwards. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Drums by Jay Reatard! Buy with confidence!

 –norb (Goner)