Secret Weapons of Kung Fu: 18 Music Videos from Kung Fu Records: DVD

Mar 03, 2011

Wow, it'd be hard for this to be any worse, even if this came with a fresh, curled turd on the DVD. This is exactly what I hate, in a clear digital format. Craptacular, girl-wanting, pussy-ass bands. As a collection, it comes across like the Eagles trying to be punk. That seems to be the cornerstone of this. It's like watching musical date rape after date rape by squeaky clean dudes with either a.) spiky hair or b.) shiny shirts or c.) "wacky antics." The videos are boring. Most are lip synched and in a controlled environment. The songs are hard to listen to and hard to separate from one another. It feels so hugely "test marketed" and to be "hitting the target audience." I guess the only positive thing I can say is that I now know what the Ataris look like so I can point and laugh at them if they ever drink next to me. No kung fu footage, either. What fucks. –Todd (Kunk Fu, PO Box 38009, Hollywood, CA 90038)