SECRET PROSTITUTES, THE: The Kenrock 7 inch: 7”EP

May 01, 2012

This just cracks me up; how well realized it is. For fans of: Homostupids. Sun God. Total Control. Spits. Dudes who know exactly-exactly-exactly what they’re going for and nail it. If Killed By Death was a copyright—no spaces between songs, transparency-printed inner sleeve, hand-painted metallic label covers, clear vinyl that plays at 45, a Malaysian singer/drummer (sung mainly in Malay), in a Texas band with scant information—this here’s an archetypal paradigm (said in a Dig ‘Em Frog, Sugar Smacks voice). It wouldn’t mean jackshit if the music didn’t rule. It does. If glue huffing made people scientists, these three would be making nuclear weapons in their garage. Makes me yearn for a series of two-inch buttons of all The Secret Prostitutes’ faces.

 –todd (Kenrock)

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