Mar 26, 2012

Secret Prostitutes are mysterious. My understanding is that it’s two Texans and a Malaysian (the titles are Malay, at least) drummer/singer, singing in his native tongue. Weirdly, it sounds like 1977-’79 Scandinavian Killed By Death punk. Think Lama. I’m predisposed to love this; your DNA may differ, depending on how much obscure-punk-record-collector blood cells flow through your veins. The drill’s familiar: limited pressings, hard-to-find release, internet dudes relish in making fun of other people for not having this, and eBay sales will follow. I didn’t break the seal/sticker at the top that listed the band names, but sliced through the bottom of the bag, as to preserve the “provenance.” (Thanks, Antiques Roadshow.) As your financial advisor, this stock will go up. Talk Sick Brats: Pretty good. Get the feeling that there’s some previous deep appreciation for Discharge, but it’s pegging on the trash/glitter/rock/The Ends side of the meter. Not bad at all.

 –todd (Batshit,

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