SECRET LOVER: Self-titled: LP

Nov 02, 2015

After only a cursory glance at the track list of Secret Lover’s self-titled LP, it becomes apparent that the self-described “spooky psychedelic pop wizards” have a healthy sense of humor, but as the album’s first track “Sometimes My Wine Becomes My Lover” settles into its ‘60s-girl-group shimmy, it becomes evident that they also have a whole lot of heart. Lead vocalist Sally Horowitz’s assertive vibrato is reminiscent of a more amiable Grace Slick, but her voice possesses a surprising diversity, lighting the way as the album travels through every notable genre of the ‘60s and ‘70s. With twelve tracks clocking in at just over thirty minutes, Secret Lover satisfies with its feel-good tunes without overstaying its welcome. 

 –Kelley O’Death (Sister Cylinder,