Jan 21, 2013

I frickin’ hate when big hole 7”s play at 33 1/3. Hate it! You think you can trust the big hole, and then you gotta jump outta yer chair and stop some chipmunk-sounding garbage. Also, the big hole wasn’t quite big enough for my adapter, so I had to jam it in there. So I was annoyed and writing sentences that sounded suspiciously porn-like (read ‘em again) before I ever managed to listen to this damned thing. Apparently, this fella Seb’s some hot shit in the French DIY world. You now, this ain’t bad. Pretty all right, when it comes down to it. Catchy tunes, some energy, and (here’s a statement I’m not sure I’ve ever penned before) some downright unobtrusive and non-annoying keyboards. I’m still pissed about the big hole fiasco, but give Seb a listen anyhow.

 –Ryan Horky (Echo Canyon,

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