Seb And The Rhaa Dicks, according to the liner notes, is a project led by Seb Radix of Lyon, France. I saw Seb open for Mike Watt And The Second Men at Permanent Records a few months back and he, with a tape-recorded drum beat and acoustic guitar, put on one hell of a punk show. Even for that tiny space, divided by racks of CDs and vinyl, he ran up and down the aisles, singing, dancing, and pretending to punch his male listeners in the testicles. It was a great and memorable show, even before thee legendary Mike Watt plugged in to play. The songs recorded here have a lot of bop and pop to them, reminiscent of The Modern Lovers or The Buzzcocks. I get the idea that Seb spends most of his time in Europe, but I will be certain to look for his future releases and chances to see him live. 

 –John Mule (Pure Pain Sugar, / R’n’R Masturbation)