Ice Climbers was a taste, I asked for more, and I got it. I enjoy SMW maybe more than I should. The word “serviceable” was used in an older Razorcake review and I get that, but SMW is growing and maturing and it’s showing. Cabin-core straight outta Rolling Meadows, IL (see “My Life as a River Otter”)! More sloppy, swirling leads and Raygun meets Plan-It-X singalong lyrics. Growing up and friendship posi-topics are tackled and one might feel a little younger after listening. It’s cool to have a naïve sense of the world in your music. Hope is contagious. The songs need a few seconds of trimming, most push beyond the three minute mark, and the recording on Ice Climbers was a bit more full which sounds better for SMW. It’s time to quit screwing around with CD-Rs guys…put something on a 7”. You’ll sell at least one.  –Matt Seward (Brown Bear)