SEASONAL MENS WEAR: “Ice Climbers / The House That We Built”: CD-R

Nov 21, 2013

“Ice Climbers” is a great track. A soaring Naked Raygun Chi-town chant-along chorus with a silly noodle lead that wouldn’t sound out of place on an Atom And His Package song. “The House That We Built” is a definite departure from the first formula. Another sounds-like-the-guitarist-is-learning-their-instrument lead wrapped up in an almost oi boot boy ‘77 bar chant. Other than the leads, it’s hard for me to see these songs coming from the same source. Investigation led to SMW’s history being a one man recording act and previous releases being acoustic hi-jinx. Stick with the few 2013 releases with full instrumentation. Keep tracks like “Ice Climbers” coming and I’ll keep listening.

 –Matt Seward (seasonal