May 30, 2014

I hadn’t heard that Seasick had gone on “indefinite hiatus” and thought the band was just in a dry spell for a few years. Their sort of jammy, sludge-tinged HC always made me a little smitten, but I just assumed that maybe I had lost track of them. When this hit my doorstep, I was legitimately surprised at the progression they had made as a band, and even more surprised (and disappointed) that this recording is three years old and is being released after their break up. The range of influence here is huge, from early East Coast hardcore to the Slap A Ham catalog to Sleep and everything in between. This record will most likely be a slow seller because there is no tour to support it and the label isn’t a hype machine, but this will be a record that stands up to time because it shows a band in their prime playing out their influences without catering to an audience. These are songs that get stuck in your head at once and continue to surprise over repeated listens. It’s November and I’m calling this out as the probable record of the year. 

 –Ian Wise (To Live A Lie)