SEASICK: Ennui: 7”

Nov 24, 2009

Thick, dark hardcore from New Jersey. It’s got a metal influence that comes through in the melodic leads and adventurous, but smooth, tempo changes. You can tell that the guys in Seasick are great musicians; the playing is tight with technical flourishes, but they hold back and concentrate on kicking ass instead of impressing you with shredding or weird time signatures. If you like skewed hardcore like Born Against, His Hero Is Gone, or Deadguy, there’s something here that you’ll find worthy. Each side has two songs that run into one another, and if I hadn’t looked at the insert, I would have just thought there were two five-minute songs on this record. Also, if I hadn’t looked at the insert, I wouldn’t have seen the grouchy, “I hate the scene” lyrics. Hey chief, if you can’t go on with your life, then cheer up—your band just put out a ripshit record.

 –CT Terry (Headcount,