SEARCHING FOR CALM: Celestial Greetings: CD

May 26, 2011

I have to admit that when I saw the album title, I thought, “I sure do like that type of tea.” But then I realized I had misread it. Searching For Calm is not a band that sings about tea. They are a Polish band that, amongst other things, enjoys the Talking Heads (they do a unique cover of “Once in a Lifetime”). Their singer has a slightly awkward but endearing accent that makes his vocals unique. Occasionally, it reminds me of Bjork or Mark Salomon from Stavesacre and The Crucified, but most of the time it stands out on its own. Musically, the band seems to take inspiration from a wide range of artists. I heard influences like System Of A Down, Dillinger Escape Plan, The Crucified, and, of course, Talking Heads in their sound. Their diversity works to their advantage as I could see Searching For Calm opening up or touring with a wide range of acts. And I’m always appreciative of a band that doesn’t sound just like their influences. Something about them still seemed second rate, however. I expected a little more muscle, considering that you could tell who some of their influences were. Although they handled their alternative/indie sound well and the band still knows how to throw out some hooks (“Follow”), I still felt as though there should have been something more. I think if they would get rid of some of the heavier, faster songs and focus more on the indie rock side of things, it might make them a little more palatable.

 –kurt (Mystic Production,