Jan 11, 2013

I have previously raved in these pages about the disgusting ugly mess that is Sea Of Shit, and this release finds them even more tight and concise. They build tension with exaggerated moments of syncopation and breakneck powerviolence before imploding back into sludge torture. They are one of the few powerviolence bands in recent memory that I really feel could hold their own on an LP because they write songs that adhere to the style without falling into generic gimmicks to put longer grooves on the record. Water Torture has one other 7” out that I somehow missed, so this is my first introduction to their recorded material (though their live show is phenomenal). They complement Sea Of Shit with a similar style, but the advent of more bass and awkward forays into feedback and noise that cut out in a second’s notice create a different landscape. I am so happy that the powerviolence trend has died so those left over are making music that is sincere but still pushing the music into new boundaries. While the influence is obvious, comparing these bands to Man Is The Bastard or Infest is like comparing Crass to the Ramones. The intent is different, the worldview is skewed, and the result is light years away, despite the application of the identifier.

 –Ian Wise (Diseased Audio)

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