Nov 16, 2010

Both bands are from Chicago and play power violence, so there’s not much else to say. The Sea Of Shit side is relentless; the drumming is manic on the forefront and the muffled vocals are pushed back in the mix and sound great with the rest of their sound. Check Man Is The Bastard or Apartment 213 for obvious comparisons. The Socially Retarded side is bass-heavy with electronic noise and great guitar feedback. The noise parts are all pretty subtle, which offers a good dichotomy with the otherwise full-on hardcore they’re spewing. The end of “No Date…” is a quiet electronic beat that sounds like the soundtrack to an old horror movie that lures the listener into a sense of security before blasting off into “Apt. 26.” Great split. The artwork is hand screened and comes with a lyric insert. Awesome record, great packaging, and limited to three hundred copies for the power violence nerds.

 –Ian Wise (Diseased Audio,