SCUTCHES, THE: Ten Songs, Ten Years: LP

Nov 27, 2012

Saccharine pop punk that seems entirely unapologetic regarding how ridiculously cheesy it is. And I don’t mean cheesy-clever like Mr. T Experience, or at-least-we-unrelentingly-rock-cheesy like the Parasites, I mean full-blown “neon pink hearts floating above these guys’ heads” and “melodies so sweet and overloaded they run the risk of providing diabetic shock with repeated listens” cheesy. Cheesy as hell. I mean a level of cheesiness and melodic goo akin to Fun Bug’s Tezbinetop EP, which I don’t sling around like it’s nothing. That’s the cheesiest record I own, and while the Scutches won’t take the title, they were in the running for a minute there. There’s not a whole lot going on the old “words” department—”In Dreams,” Weekend Boyfriend,” “Don’t Go,” and “Together Again” should give you a good idea of the lyrical prowess we’re working with here. It’s too bad, since I enjoyed a fair amount of the music (in spite of the string section and acoustic numbers), but the overwhelming sappiness is sinking this ship quick. Yikes.

 –keith (Bright & Barrow,

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