SCUTCHES, THE: Self-titled : CD

Jun 08, 2009

This music sort of has that post-Weezer college rock feel. It reminds me of Matt Sharp’s first solo album with new wave-y female back up vocals mixed with old school Beach Boy aesthetics. These are eleven finger-snapping, chorus-hooky melodic pop songs. The album exhibits modern doo wop rock, stretching one song, “Cherry Cherry Coupe,” to include those deep vocal harmonies. This is one unabashedly fun album. It just lacks punk edge. If you’re in the need to blast tunes suitable for an eight-year-old to an eighty-year-old then ten out of the eleven tracks are perfect. There is some cussing on the tune “DSA,” so you just might take that out of the mix, but the cover of “Will You Still Love Me” is a smiley classic your dad—or maybe by now your grandpa—would love. –N.L. Dewart

 –guest (PAF!,