Scumrock: directed by Jon Moritsugu, VHS

Feb 26, 2007

If you know Jon Moritsugu’s name, you know you’re in for good shit. He’s directed films like Fame Whore, Mod Fuck Explosion, Terminal U.S.A. and Der Elvis. His productions live up to truly underground DIY expectations. Scumrock uses low-end equipment to achieve an old school atmosphere without irony, as the story calls for it. Following an earnest filmmaker, his ultra-cute assistant and a “scumrock” band, Moritsugu uses analog Hi8 video and VHS editing to explore the art/film/music world of no-budget existence dreaming of punk immortality. The people are ones you know, talented and motivated, searching for a way to get noticed or fit into the big picture. The shots are sometimes spacey—close-ups of those little shiny things that attract your attention and make you have crushes. The home movie feel fits so well I thought I was actually at the party. Deservedly won best feature at the 2002 Chicago Underground and 2003 New York Underground film fests. –Speedway Randy (Apathy Productions, PO Box 62015, Honolulu, HI 96839-2015;