SCUM OF THE EARTH: The Ville Has Eyes: LP

Jun 06, 2014

One would imagine crusty hardcore right? Wrong. This is conscious hip-hop from Gainesville, Florida. Not the usual fare for this rag, but I can dig it. It always made sense to me that a genre relying almost entirely on words should have its share of conscious thinkers and revolutionaries. Unfortunately, like much music out there, that’s seldom the case, apart from the likes of Immortal Technique, Paris, Blacastan etc. Scum Of The Earth drop some smarts on top of beats that sound decidedly West Coast mid-’90s. These dudes have an Alkaholiks vibe, or hell, even a Tribe Called Quest. Beats are tight; flow is good, just not heavy enough for me. I like my hip-hop either dirty and dumb or hard as fuck. Conscious thinkers and lefties should definitely take a look take a look. 

 –Tim Brooks (Destroy All Hipsters,