SCUM OF THE EARTH: Bad Decisions: LP

Dec 30, 2008

…i’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Florida rap-rock bands who share their name with songs from U.K. Subs b-sides, and Scum Of The Earth are no exception to this sage hunchwork. I actually think that rap is, in theory ((and i can’t stress those last two words enough)), “cool.” I think it is worthy, valid, and still, to this day, underexplored by caucazoidal nerd-punk types. Now, needless to say, i can’t quite… uh… RELATE, shall we say, to about 99.44 percent of rap-based musical products, but the idea of basing the rhythm AND melody ((such as it is)) of a song off of words, and getting on the computer and pasting a bunch of samples together for the background, is, at root, still a really good, really valid one, i think. “Bad Decisions” is not life-affirmingly great like the first Beastie Boys album is/was, but it’s decent enough that you’ll spin it all the way through and listen to it a second time on your own dime. Uh, i guess that’s “own dime, YO.” BEST SONG: “Revision” BEST SONG TITLE: “Revision” i guess. BEST RHYME: “Anything that i am for you has kicked the bucket / any points you might have earned have been deducted” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This is a hand-stenciled edition of fifty, and i’ve got number 21. That should be helpful the next time i go to the casino.

 –norb (Destroy All Hipsters)