Jul 14, 2011

This Australian band’s album is eleven songs of post-punk and math rock clocking in at thirty-nine minutes. It’s reminiscent of Chicago bands like Shellac or Bear Claw as well as Blenderhead, a Seattle band from back in the mid-’90s. It’s got a loose sound that is still coherent enough to pack the necessary punch. I like a band that records at a level appropriate to their sound. There’s no need to record somewhat sludgy, dirty, aggro rock in a million dollar studio, nor should it sound like it was done on a four-track. The recording sounds just right for the band’s sound. Scul Hazzards is aggressive and has some catch to their sound, too. The guitars remind me of an aggressive, skinny guy: he may be thin but he’s got a lot of energy and intensity that can transform into impressive muscle. The bass is rumbling, the drums striking, and the vocals reminiscent of Steve Albini’s work not just with Shellac but also Rapeman and Big Black. I’m not sure this would be a cup of tea for any music fan, but for those who occasionally find themselves inclined to listening to math rock or post-punk, this should be right up your alley.

 –kurt (Tenzenmen)