Feb 15, 2006

You don't realize it sometimes until you see it in front of your face. Time flies by in a blink. I'm looking at this CD and Screeching Weasel has been together on and off since 1986. For some strange reason I keep thinking that they are a new band. But seeing 1986 is a reality check. That is almost twenty years ago. It also shows how many things can pass you by if you don't pay attention. I can't believe how many releases Screeching Weasel has. But then again, I really didn't follow this band or bands like Operation Ivy or Jawbreaker either. Heard the name around, heard some songs, maybe have a comp track here, and maybe have a release or two that I haven't listened to in years. That's about it for me. But those bands have placed themselves in punk history because of their music. But I do remember Screeching Weasel were heavily influenced by the Ramones. As I listen to this, I hear the influence all through their songs-songs that sound like anybody could write if they are actually inspired and enjoy what they're doing. There are thirty-four songs on this greatest hits release. I'm sure that is not even twenty percent of what the band has written in their life span. So they plugged along longer than most bands in existence and wrote a large body of material. This sampler is a great way to see what the meat of their output tastes like.

 –don (Fat)