Jun 22, 2007

According to my pop punk expert source, “Some of the songs that they pick are pretty good, but other time it’s the worst—like on Emo, they only picked two songs, and they picked the two worst ones.” I honestly missed having a Screeching Weasel phase, and, in general, my pop punk exposure has been pretty limited until the past couple of years. I’m sure I’ve heard them before, but this was my first time actually putting them on of my own volition. For my money, I’d rather throw on Rivethead, who, some ten or fifteen years later, are doing much more inventive things with a similar sound, but I have taken someone up on their suggestion to make me a more representative comp. (Note: since this was written, Rivethead has broken up, causing me much sadness in the pop punk part of my heart.)

 –megan (Fat)