SCREECHING WEASEL: Television City Dream: CD

Mar 07, 2011

I didn’t think that this would ever happen: Television City Dream has been reissued. There are a couple of reasons that I never thought that I would see this reissued. First, it has more or less remained readily available on both CD and vinyl since its initial release. The other reason that I never thought that this one would be reissued is that it isn’t that great. Despite my thoughts, it was reissued. It includes five bonus tracks, a new mix, and new artwork. Four of the five bonus tracks were originally released on the Four on the Floor comp that Panic Button did. That comp had twelve other good songs by three other bands; TCD has three other good songs. “Dirty Needles,” which was also on the Short Music for Short People comp, “Outside of You,” and “Identity Crisis” compromise the three good songs from the original issue. The other thirteen songs on here are not necessarily bad, but they are bad for Screeching Weasel songs. Those thirteen songs seem to go one of two ways. They either go too aggressive for SW or they are on the level of SW rip off acts. Since it has been about a decade since I listened to the original issue, I can’t say for sure what’s different about the mix; it sounds like the vocals were turned up while everything else was flattened. Weasel has never had great cover art, but the original cover was pretty decent (a piece by Aldo Giorgini, the father of Mass). The new cover art is far from decent: a skeleton in business attire with its skull on fire, holding a TV in a city aflame. Given that the Four comp shouldn’t be too hard to find and that the original issue of TCD may be lingering in a used bin near you, this reissue is inessential and easy to skip.  –Vincent (Fat,

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