SCREECHING WEASEL: Boogadaboogadaboogada: CD

Jan 05, 2007

It's awesome that Asian Man reissued this, but it's kind of a shame that it ever went out of print in the first place. You see, back in 1988 when this first came out, the state of punk rock, especially pop punk, was not doing so hot. Most of the hardcore bands had crossed over into the lucrative metal scene, and the only other “alternative” was indie college rock. (Fugazi's first record was out by then, but you kinda had to be a scenester to know about them.) So here comes Screeching Weasel playing pissed off, snotty pop punk with melody, and that goddamned one-string guitar solo that every pop punk band in history has since copied. If you like (or have ever liked) pop punk at all, this is a must-have. This was the beginning. Essential.

 –ben (Asian Man)