SCREAMING FEMALES: What If Someone Is Watching Their T.V.?: LP

The second self-released full-length by the Screaming Females, originally released in 2007, is the first LP where guitarist/vocalist Marissa Paternoster lives up to the band’s name, screaming her lungs out on track after track. The deadpan vocals she did to good affect on Baby Teeth are here as well, but the more dynamic vocal range she brings to this recording—including the shrieks she lets loose—really take the vocals to a new level. The hook-laden riffs and guitar wankery that made everyone love the first LP returned on T.V., making this the stronger of the first two albums. A short string of EPs followed this release, but this was Screaming Females’ last LP before signing to Don Giovanni. With this repress on the label, it feels as though things have come full circle.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Don Giovanni, [email protected])