Sep 11, 2012

Screaming Females come through with yet another full-length (their third in four years and fifth overall) of their powerful take on ‘90s grunge rock and the more musically adventurous bands on SST. (SWA anyone?) This time around it seems as if the spotlight is on Marissa’s ferocious vocal range, but not left out of the equation is her magnificent guitar work which is further magnified with a terrific rhythm section. Speaking of her axe-wielding prowess, why she is not on the cover of one of those glossy guitar magazines is beyond my comprehension. Those fucks sure know what they’re talking about, don’t they? If you’re already a fan then this record will only strengthen your allegiance. If you’re curious then don’t hesitate to pick this up or any of their other records. They all rule!

 –Juan Espinosa (Don Giovanni, no address listed)

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