Feb 26, 2009

Hunchback: Make me re-think my not liking Neil Diamond. My mom loved The Jazz Singer. Just joking. It’s a Neil Young cover and in Hunchback’s able hands, I can see what others see in Mr. Young, even though I feel no compulsion to buy, or listen to, any of his records directly. Screaming Females: apparently another Young cover and it reinforces what I was thinking with Hunchback. People with wider ears than mine can interpret him for me; I’m cool with that. I totally bonered my last Screaming Females review, saying that Miranda was Marissa, and she’s not; she’s two different people. Marissa has a great, shaky, watery voice, but she’s not in Full Of Fancy. That would be Miranda, who was also in Hunchback, Neil Young’s first band, before the one where he was with that ill-tempered, fat, mustachioed hippie.

 –todd (Freedom School)

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